Discover Your Mission – The world needs your gifts

Whether you are at the beginning of creating an honest, true-to-you life, or in “retirement” creating an honest, true-to-you life, the?world is ready for your gifts ? it?s time for you to offer them with clarity, certainty, and love.

I nurture new beginnings and rising leaders, so that you thrive and serve as your highest and best self. I am a strong, peaceful, earth-based and spiritual coach who specializes in working with Boomers, Millennials, spiritual beings, gentle souls, those who are highly sensitive, indigos, and crystals?to help?you?realize your?true purpose, develop confidence, and find and use your unique voice and brilliance.

I create a safe, sacred working alliance, am curious, highly intuitive, loving, listen without judgment, and help to calm and ground the intense and expansive energy my clients sometimes experience.

On my life path I’ve wrestled with and healed the spiritual and physical illness of living a lie; I’ve retired from one career to start another; I’ve been different – not quite like my peers; not honoring or?understanding myself. ?So it’s my joy to work with you?to ?honor your?truth.

nancysawesometree?You calmed me down in the world.? You offer ways and perceptions that make life easier for people like me who are wired different and have such a hard time with systems that don?t make sense.?? By asking the RIGHT questions, you help me be more aware of myself and reveal more possibilities.? Cindy, an adult Indigo


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