Dec 10 2010

Three Keys to a Breakthrough #3: Name it and Commit to it

The first of three keys to breakthrough is to complete the old- sweep out what’s no longer needed, keep the good stuff, and free up your energy.  The second key is know who you are, now, at this time, not yesterday or 10 years ago. What are your values and how will you honor them today?

Reach For ItThe third key to a breakthrough, to making something change that is stuck, is to stake your claim on that breakthrough; name it and describe how it looks, feels, smells, tastes, and sounds in the future.  Check that your breakthrough goals honor the values you clarified in the second key. And commit to it with no back door escape route.

You may not know what each step is to get there, or how to do any of them.  Well, did you know how to talk when you were born?  Read?  Walk?  Fix computers or write novels or drive a car?  You took years to get there and you had no idea how to do it before you took the first step. But you held a vision, a goal, and a commitment. And you got back on the path. You all already know all this – this is just a reminder, and the key that helps me and my clients is to commit and lock the escape door.
The new year is obviously a good time for declaring breakthroughs and goals – like throwing a rope over the top of the peak and then using it to pull yourself up.  If, like everyone at some time, you find or make an escape doorI can support you to hold to that commitment.

Mini-Coaching:  Clearly state what your breakthrough is – what is in place so you know it is done?  The clearer it is, the more solutions your brain can associate with it.  Why do you want it?  And why is that important?  What’s the first step?

What’s your breakthrough goal?