About Nancy


I opened the door to my emerging brilliance when I hired a coach in 1997 to help me pull up my deeply planted but unhappy roots in the fast-paced, technical, thinking, corporate world of computers.?I had spent 20 years as a programmer analyst, tech support manager, co-owner of a computer software company, and technical writer. I had studied computer science for reasons outside of my heart, and I tumbled along in that career until I was physically and spiritually ill.? To let go of who I am not, and become who I am, was a profound process and touched on every area of my life, not just career.? Coaching helped my head catch up to what my heart had already decided it wanted.? I never looked back.

The coaching process was so life changing for me that in 1999 I chose to open a coaching business in the San Francisco bay area called ?Emerging Brilliance?, to help people come home to their center and create a life from that true place.

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, trained at one of the original and premier coaching schools, The Coaches Training Institute. And, I received a Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation.

I love the spiritual aspect of transformation, and bring that to my coaching as well.? I work with people who are weary of living a lie in one or more areas of their life, and ache to express their essence.? They get centered and grounded, realize their truth, and find the courage and confidence to take action.

I love learning, spiritual growth, and helping people.? I also love nature and the outdoors ? walking, hiking, biking, swimming, and camping. I?m a mother of two, and have been a wife for many years to an amazing Bill, who told me at the moment I was deciding whether to give up the $80K/yr salary, ?I?d rather lose the house than you.? ?I love my life, and want to help others feel the same.