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Dear Listeners,

I had a contract with BBM Global Network for 16 shows, and today, Aug 18, is my last show under that contract and I am not renewing it. I had a growing audience as people found me and that’s fantastic! ?I appreciate all your attention and inspired action as a result of listening!

BBM has been wonderful, supportive, encouraging and they do lots of work back there in the studio! ?The advertising and growth from the show?did not cover our expenses yet, which is fairly typical, so we’re parting ways warmly and graciously.

Contact me if you’d like to find out what’s next:?nancy@emergingbrilliance.com, and I look forward more?connections and flights of imagination and inspiration with you.



The Gift of Chronic Fatigue

Today I met a wonderful woman who was standing in the swim lagoon enjoying the water while I did laps and children young and old played and splashed to keep cool. ?She had her arm in a cast protector. ?When the staff shooed everyone out of the water and sent us all home, right now – thank you very much – I started chatting with her. ?I’ll call her Sally. Sally?was moving slowly and said something that made me ask her if she has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a not-fun-at-all auto-immune condition that more than just saps your energy. She said yes. ?I felt her very slow and low energy and careful movements. ?She shared she’s working full time and wonders whether she can afford to retire early. ?CFS forces some big choices sometimes!

CFS ?feels like you can never sleep enough – you wake up as tired as when you went to bed; ?and if you exert yourself, heaven forbid, by cleaning house for an hour or driving for 45 minutes, you pay for it for days. ?Your energy on your best days is?a fourth?or less of your energy on your?worst days when you were healthy. And don’t get me started on PMS during this time! ?If you have CFS?you know it so I won’t list all the other?symptoms here.

How do I know about it? ?I had CFS for many very long and hard years as I was working full time, managing children, with my husband often out of town. The symptoms started showing in 1991 and although I don’t have a recovery date, it was about 2002 or 2003 when I noticed that I only had bouts of fatigue when I overdid it but I recovered within 24 hours. ?That feeling of extraordinary fatigue scared me – what if I go back to being this way all the time?? Then, about 2004 or 5 I didn’t have any more symptoms. ?Yay! ?HapppYYY! . ?I’m symptom free for 10 years.

CFS is the gift that eventually lead me to coaching. ?I finally, finally, finally had to do something to stop the overwhelming fatigue, aches, fog, and irritability. ?How did my family survive me? ?Good grief, no wonder I didn’t get anywhere in my computer career! ?Besides not really caring much for the cellular network we were creating at Nextel and Verizon, I was incredibly sick and just fought through it every day. ?But it must have showed, just like Sally’s energy signaled something amiss, which affected how my co-workers and boss experienced me.

I did a little side coaching with Sally (with permission) as we walked in our cool, wet suits through the early evening heat. ?We talked about how to manage it, and she came up with some new ideas that she hadn’t thought of before such as getting help on life chores such as shopping or cleaning; and asking advice on how to minimize paperwork at her job. ?I could see that she was looking in new places for new answers! ?Yes!

Coaching Corner:

If you have Chronic Fatigue or other long term condition – here are a few coaching questions – see if any or all inspire new discoveries and directions. ?They might seem a little odd, but they help access intuition and new ideas. ?Give yourself a little time to do this – about?7-10 minutes at least.

What’s the predominant symptom right now?

Where’s it located? ?How big is it? ?What’s the temperature? How heavy is it?

What is the feeling of it?

If it could talk, what might it say to you about how it feels or what it needs, or what it thinks of you? (sometimes parts of us can be very pissed off at the rest of us!)

Close your eyes, breathe slowly, and just ask what you need to know or do now for your well-being. ?You might write down what you see or sense. ?Be OK if nothing shows up.

What insights did you gain from this little inquiry? ?Please write to yourself and ?me or leave a comment!

Thanks for dancing!



Coaching Snippet: Saboteur

Coaching Conversation:

Coaching Mode!

Coach: ?What are you afraid will happen if you put yourself out there again – out in the marketplace with your business?

Client: ?Ohhh, I’ll fail. ?I’ll fall back into old habits and I won’t be able to connect with people, I’ll stay trivial instead of fearless. I won’t make money, again. I’ll fall into that old pattern.

Coach: Got it. ?Thank you, oh saboteur. ?You are so wise. ?You know everything that is going to happen will be totally like what has happened. ?You have complete knowledge of the future moments when “Client” is in a new time, place and perspective, that all the old patterns will emerge. ?Client, what would you like to say to this saboteur?

Client: ?Hey, you! ?Hey! ?Stop your wringing of hands and moaning. ?Since you have it all figured out, I insist you take a vacation on a cruiseship going around the world for 3 months. ?You deserve it, o smart one! ?Be gone with you!<<Pause>> Ah! ?That feels refreshing to have it gone….Whew!

Coach: ?Now, what do you envision for yourself as you follow your heart into your work in the marketplace?

Client: ?Ahhhhh. ?I know so much now, I see myself creating something new – a new program that readily meets the needs of my people, my niche. ?And I have the courage of my convictions…plain courage to be real and open and kind of insistent. ? I see laughter and strength, and green, and ease.

Coach: ?OK! ?Green! ?That has a feel of fresh – what does it mean to you?

Client: ?Mmmmmmm… more like healthy – nutrients, water , sun, soil, love….what more could a plant or a business need?

Coach: ?Good question. ?After all that good green, what’s next?

Client: ?OK, if I look at it from a green place, what’s next is a business idea – not ready for the hard numbers of the plan yet. ?But a concept – a vision, a mission, outcomes, values, that kind of juicy stuff.

Coach: ?Great! ? Let’s design homework around that….


You just witnessed a short coaching moment. ?We have those limiting beliefs, the saboteur, the fear voice that is trying to protect us, but usually keeps us safe and neat and tidy and unfulfilled.

Think of a time you leaped beyond the voice of your saboteur to take a risk on yourself. ?What happened? ?What was good about it? ?What was challenging? ?What did you learn? ?What did it feel like to fly?

Homework suggestion: Think of something you really want but won’t let yourself have or do or be; identify one of your saboteur voices that stop you. ?Send it on a vacation and then spend a few minutes or more and envision what you desire, without that voice around you. ?Write it, walk and talk it out loud, whatever you can do to add energy and light.


Energy, Structure and Vision

Two new entrepreneurs, Jack and Jill, were talking at a networking group. ?Jack was all about writing business plans, analyzing website statistics, and measuring the size of his list. ?Jill was talking about her vision – who she’d help, why it mattered to her and to them, how she felt just thinking about the changes she’d make. ?Jack had a hard time verbalizing his vision and passion, and Jill almost fell asleep talking about money, ROI, email lists and website pages.

A wise, happy, successful businesswoman, Melody, approached them and listened. ?She smiled and said lightly. ?”You are both standing in a strong place from which to begin a business. ?And, you are both likely to fail unless you make some changes.”

Jill was shocked, and Jack was furious. ? He said, “How could you say that? ?I have all the plans made! ?They are brilliant!” ?Jill withdrew a step and was thinking about how to escape.

Melody gently reached for Jill’s elbow and said to them both, “Listen, ?I have been in your shoes, Jill. ?And I know people like you, Jack.” She pulled out a rubber band and stretched it between her thumbs so her right had was on
top and her left hand below, with the rubber band taught between them. ?”Do you see all this energy in the rubber band? ?You could put a tiny arrow in it, pull it back and the arrow would go far, yes?” ?They agreed. ?Melody dropped her right hand towards her left, causing the rubber band to slacken. ?”No energy here, right?” ?They agreed. ?Then she stretched them back out till the rubber band was tense and then raised her lower left hand towards the right and said, “No energy here, right?” ?Again they agreed, wondering what the point was.

Melody said, “Imagine that the top right hand represents vision – all the things that Jill has been talking about. ?And the lower left had represents structure – what Jack has been working on and talking about.. ?With the top hand lowered so there’s no energy, what’s happening with vision?”

Jack thought a moment and said, “If there is no vision, the ?structure is meaningless – it has no energy, no heart.”

Melody nodded, then stretched them apart again. ?She raised her lower hand up and asked Jill what’s happening.

Jill said, “Without structure a vision has no energy – no way to make itself real in the world. ?It’s hanging out there all by itself, being really excited about itself, but not connected to the world quite – without structure.”

Melody smiled and said, “You both get it! ?We need both vision and structure ?and a strong connection between them to make something real in the world. ?I was all vision, then got into the structure and lost my vision. ?My energy was sapped with all the doing. ?And my business went south. ?Re-infusing my vision without being overwhelmed by the structures helped me create a business that’s working. ?Even with the Law of Attraction, you may hang out in vision and good feelings for a good amount of time, but even the LOA process has structure and eventually deals with the real world.”

“This applies to anything – not just business. ?Say you want to lose weight, or make more money, or create art, or spend more time with the kids. ?All those visions in the ether are great and necessary, but without the structure that works for you and works in the world, it won’t happen. ? And if the vision loses steam, it can’t help hold up it’s end of the rubber band. ?The more clearly and with feeling you can articulate your vision, the more power.”

Epilogue- Jack and Jill supported each other in their weaker areas and now both are moving along well ?in their businesses.


“? The antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest?.? The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness?You are so tired through and through because a good half of what you do ..[in your work].. has nothing to do with your true powers, or the place you have reached in your life.? You are only half here, and half here will kill you after a while.? You need something to which you can give your full powers?.”? from ?Crossing the Unknown Sea, Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity?? David Whyte

You may be looking for an antidote to exhaustion with exercise, food, anti-depressants, drugs, alcohol or sleep.? Consider the possibility that a big, warm, alive part of you is not being expressed; that you are not using all the energy you have, especially where you spend most of your waking hours ? at your work.? When I assisted at coach training classes, I had wonderful experiences when I embraced my role ?wholeheartedly.? For me this meant choosing to be present and bring myself back if I wandered, and expressing my values for laughter, joy, and quirkiness in addition to the assisting tasks.? The rest of the team was also wholehearted in their own ways.? This enabled students to learn more readily; I was energized.? I would have been exhausted had I not allowed that quirky Foot in Mouthjoy, my whole heart, into the class.

Notice this week where wholeheartedness is present.? Where are? you most alive and joyful?? What?s happening in you and around you?? Look there for the heartfelt values and passions that you want to express more often. Also notice when and where you are not fully alive ? where you?re ?wholding? back.? What values and passions are subdued?? Take 3 action steps towards wholeheartedness in your life. Some ideas: an experiment (like smiling, inviting to lunch) at work one day to honor your value for connection more deeply. Or script out your ideal day if you were to answer the call of what you really want to do.? Or be wholehearted with your family tonight- as if you hadn?t seen them for weeks. Let me know what happens!

May joy, laughter, possibility, and love be with you through the week!

Psychic Cheryl Lynn – 2015 Predictions, Horoscopes, & Free Readings!

Psychic Cheryl Lynn will be our guest on blogtalkradio’s?WinngingSolutionsforIndigos ?September 16 at 2PM for a live, call-in show. ? My co-host, Cindy, and I are delighted and excited to be able to bring her to you.

She’s going to briefly share with us a little about her background, perhaps a story or two, and how she came to find her purpose with this fascinating?work.

Psychic Cheryl Lynn will be offering her?2015 Predictions, 2015 Tarot Horoscopes for all Sun Signs, Future Visions, AND she will be doing free readings for our listeners!

This will be a LIVE?2-hour show, so she can do as many readings as possible.

Psychic Cheryl Lynn is a natural born psychic through her father?s lineage.?Through a recent private spiritual experience, the universe has given her the name The Messenger.? Her accurate predictions and tarot horoscopes for all signs are fast becoming a sensation on youtube with over 500,000 hits and counting!? She will be appearing at several expos and psychic fairs in 2014? please check out her website for all the details.? Psychic Cheryl Lynn has also created a very special one of a kind candle called her Positive Energy Power Candle.? It is extremely powerful and not to be used as a regular candle.? It is for those of you who need positive energy immediately in your life.? You may purchase her candle through her website. Psychic Cheryl Lynn has clients all around the world as well as every state in America? If you would like your own personal half hour or one hour phone reading with her, please call (do NOT text) her at 484-221-9620 to set up your appointment.? All information about Psychic Cheryl Lynn is on her website at ?www.Whiterose-Productions.com?so check it out!

Luscious, Alive with Purpose

Many of my clients are saying something like, “I want to be wholly myself; to share all of me; to help others become their best, most honest selves. ?I don’t want to be defined by outdated rules, expectations, hierarchies, and systems; or required to set large chunks of me aside to fit in. I want to be connected with my sense of purpose and use my whole range of gifts to transform people, places and things…”

Take a giant, imaginary leap beyond the here and now to stand in your destination, your desire. ?Look around. No, really, in your minds eye, or by writing it down, imagine what you do want. ?What does this experience of living fully yourself, sharing all of you, and using your whole range of gifts feel like? ?Look like? ?Sound like? What’s the impact that you have on people, places or things? ?What’s that feel like to have that impact? What’s the energy of this experience? ?What colors represent it? ?What in the natural world would be a metaphor for this experience? ?Amplify the feelings and energy and thoughts that you experience here. ?Revel in the revealing of you in your right place. Nurture that positive energy for just a little longer….good!

Now, hold onto this. Spin it around in your mind often so you can align every day with who your’e becoming and where you’re going.

A clear, emotional, powerful image or tone of your goal is the first step to having it. ?Using that energy you just created in the last few minutes to grow in the direction you desire is in its simplest form like a sunflower using the energy of the sun to both nourish it and as a direction to turn. ?Every day.

The rest of the story can be had in your unfolding life and supported by people, friends, a coach (!) wholly aligned with your becoming luscious and alive with purpose.

I wish you delightful surprises this month on the path to becoming more you…

From the Inside Out

“Now’s the time to live from the inside out rather than the outside

in”. ?More and more people are showing us how to identify and eliminate judgments that we incorporated from outside influences ?that no longer serve us. All our lives we try to shape ourselves from the outside in by following entrenched judgmental beliefs like I’m not lovable, I always lose, I’m not smart enough, I don’t deserve a brilliant life, Men / women can’t be trusted, If I have enough money I’ll be happy….

To live life from the inside out is tricky because we’re surrounded by others’ judgments about what a life is supposed to look like, our own ?judgments?that we took on as?naive?children, as well as the judgments we’ve accumulated as adults. ?The habit of judging runs deep.

Everything is so labeled and tightly wound, we can’t even walk down the street without?causing?a judgment to arise in ourselves or someone else. ?And the judgments, of course, are conflicting! ?If you help someone you’re co-dependent or you’re generous and doing what Jesus would do. ?If you act with passion you could be considered crazy or a strong leader, and it would be different if you’re male, female or gay or straight. ?If you stay up all night writing a plan or join a network marketing group, you could be judged (or judge?yourself)? brilliant or going off on one of your wild dreams. ? If you are in a gay relationship you are being who you are or you are the devil’s spawn.?Judgments?happen every day, with almost every breath. ?So exhausting! ?And so much to judge! ?Not only do we judge people and their words, actions, choices, clothes, friends, facebook posts, blog posts, habits, and religion but we judge our own. ?Then we judge different products, TV shows, characters on shows, books, movies, music; articles, politicians, laws, art, sports teams, etc. ? And we have hundreds of talking head shows making?judgments?about thousand of events and people, and we judge their judgments. ?Whew. ?But wait, there’s more – thousands of judgments are given about what foods to eat and how they help or hurt us; how to parent; ?how to do relationships, get along at work; exercise, etc..

With all that judging going on, our sweet, deep, individual, amazing, unique Self ?is reduced to a wisp of faint energy barely able express through a gigantic, 100 story wall of barriers, resistance, shoulds, beliefs, eye rolls, cultural or?religious?morals, sarcasm, ?and fear – all judgments.

I piled all that on to give you and me a sense of the enormity of judging that goes on every moment of our lives.

Dr. Dain Heer?says every time you judge you contract your world. And rather than judging, ask a question. ?”What?s it going to take to change this? ?Is there anything I can do to make it better?” That’s being conscious and expanding your world, and cracking open the walls.

My Co-Active Coaching model uses a foundation of curiosity which is a huge asset to clients. ?Curiosity helps chisel chinks into the wall of judgment and fear. ?I was?working?with someone yesterday who wanted to talk about creating a new career that she loved. ?But all I heard was discouragement in her voice. ?What do we usually do? ?Judge that emotion as wrong!!!!! ?We say, “I should get rid of this discouragement. ?This feeling has got to go. ?Bad feeling. Bad feeling. ?Judge, judge, judge”. ?So, what did I do? ?We spent 20 minutes being?curious?about this feeling. ?And not judging it. ?We allowed it to be and then it diminished.

Living from the inside out requires a relinquishing of judging and the acquisition of curiosity, so the walls of resistance come down.?Imagine walking through the day without judging yourself or others – how freeing that is.

Coaching Questions:

Notice judgments you make about others and yourself; and that others have towards you or someone else. ?What is it to judge? ?How does it feel to judge??Notice when you’re not judging, what are you doing and how does it feel? I challenge us to be?curious?about judgments as a first step to creating from the inside out.



Walk Out the Door

Stop the world! ?I want to get off! ?Not surprising, this is the sentiment of many indigos.

Many indigos isolate?themselves from the chaos of the world. ?They?are overwhelmed, ?they?are avoiding the bullying and misunderstanding delivered by “old-schoolers”; ?they ?prefer being alone; and some have jobs on the energy grid that are challenging and draining.

How do we solve this? ?See if any of these ideas inspire you – and if they do – leave me a?comment?- thanks!

  1. Find or create a group of similar souls so you experience who you are by seeing yourself out there in others. ?Get with others who can see and appreciate in you what most regular people cannot because they have no experience of it. ?Start a meetup group. ?Talk to people. ?One indigo friend of mine went dancing and she met someone who she thought was indigo so she started talking to her about traits and experiences – turns out the two had lots in common to share. ?There is energy in groups – even groups of two.
  2. Teach or lead. ?If you’re here to make a difference, put yourself in a position to teach and lead others into a new way of living grounded in unity, integrity, win/win/win’s, respect, joy,?delight?..whatever it is your mission is to spread. ?If being the employee is too small a role, be creative and find a way to be the leader. One indigo I met shifted from teaching to tutoring so she?didn’t?have to deal with the meetings and politics.
  3. Get a translator. Partner with people who understand both the indigo experience and the old-school experience and can help you and the old-schooler ?expand your understanding of the others’ world. Find indigos?who’ve?figure out how to dance with the system.
  4. Another idea is to remember what you know about the unity of people and be?curious?how to bridge gaps in understanding and communicating. ??It can take?tremendous?self-management to set aside the immediate reaction when your boss flies in your face with anger at your suggestion to solve a chronic problem. ?Get?curious?about your boss during or after the fact ?- what does someone believe that would say or do this? ?Why would they believe that? ? And then get curious about yourself – what do I believe that would have me say or do this and react this way? ?Why do I believe it? ?Then ask where the common ground is for both of you to stand. ?You just might find a way to work through it.
  5. Get a coach. <Warning – invitation coming up, but I can’t help it. ?I want to help you be free to be you.> Coaches are by nature and training curious, non-judgmental, self?managing, ?in your corner, listeners, and they champion you. ?We create a safe, sacred space for you grow into your brilliance. I do Begin the Breakthrough consultations if you’d like to check it out.?<end of?invitation?>

Walk, dance, swim, fly, laugh, teach, lead, run, pray, soar, sing, write, wiggle, video, out the door. ?The world needs your gifts.

So, What’s Indigo Anyway?

I was driving with some friends to a workshop and they began to ask me about indigos.? Here’s what I told them.

Indigos are human beings, first and foremost, who have some characteristics in common with each other that are different than other people.

1) Indigos are empathic.? They actually absorb energy from others, so chaotic energy and inconsistency between the a person’s energy and their words or actions can drive the indigo-person crazy.? Imagine 4 year old Heather feeling the dark, heavy energy of one of the neighbor moms.? Heather’s mom says, “Say hi to Mrs. Smith.”? Even though Mrs. Smith is smiling, Heather cringes and shrinks away at the darkness she feels in the neighbor’s heart.? Her mom gets embarrassed or angry. This empathy may cause them to prefer to be isolated – spending time alone.? Parents may be confused by this – and try to push them out and be normal.? This can also lead to misdiagnosis of ADD or Autism.

2) People with indigo qualities are not physically wired to be able to box up their feelings and put them away in order to get along in the world.? For instance, other people make themselves go to a job they hate every day – they just bury that feeling.? Indigo people can’t do that.? They can’t lie about who they are or what they feel.? So, they have challenges getting along in schools, families, and corporations.

3)? Finally, to complete this list for today, indigos are here on a mission – to transform the systems that don’t work into systems that are win/win/win.? It seems that the first two traits – empathy and inability to bury feelings – are ideal for accomplishing their mission.? Their honesty will force systems and institutions to look at themselves and what they’re inspiring the people who are part of them to do and to be – half human.

More next post!? Let me know what you think – are you one who struggles in the workplace as an indigo or a boss of an indigo?? What’s happening?