“…This is a good time to thank you. I can’t even begin to describe how much of a positive impact you’ve had on my life already. Before I met you and started talking with you via your indigo chat, I was at a very very low point. Doing this work for so many years really had taken it’s toll on me, and then something happened …that…made me feel like I can’t continue doing this type of work, especially since I felt like it wasn’t actually helping to change things. I think having something to look forward to every week, as well as finally having someone to talk to about all of this, and then you connecting me to [other indigos] has really kept me going since then. You’ve already changed my life for the better so I’m not sure if I can thank you enough for that. I think a lot of the individuals who do this type of extreme integration work as well as the larger Indigo/starseed community really need gathering places like this…Just being able to talk about all of this stuff in a receptive environment would help all of us so much.” CF, an adult Starseed

?You calmed me down in the world.? You offer ways and perceptions that make life easier for people like me who are wired different and have such a hard time with systems that don?t make sense.?? By asking the RIGHT questions, you help me be more aware of myself and reveal more possibilities?. Cindy, an adult Indigo.



?You made a safe bubble for me to experience and express my gifts in a good, safe way.? I was able to silence the chaos of relationships that were toxic and release the things that weren?t working.? When someone?s this sensitive, we need to connect to God instead of just with people and the world.? That was extremely empowering for me.? Sarah Sonoda, Empath, Healer,?Therapeutic?Massage


?I am? taking classes at Hayward Adult School to become a Medical Transcriptionist, and I owe that leap to one of your presentations at the Experience Unlimited group at the One Stop in Oakland.? ? Deborah F-


?I feel safe with Nancy.? She listens without judging; she has space for all of it.?
Aran, business owner


?Thank you SO much for today! No matter what, you should be coaching ? you are AMAZING at assisting in those big shifts ?.. i went up to the store after i got off the phone and i had the radio full blast and was singing at the top of my lungs ? just HAPPY ? i feel so dang good! thank you again ? best present Ive received in AGES!!!?? KM

?Nancy?s support and creative coaching ideas helped me move twice as fast at getting my two children independent and out of the house.? Even now situations arise and I find myself thinking, ?What would Nancy do?? Proof that a few family coaching sessions with Nancy can last a life time.??? ~Pat Smith Yellowbelly Web Design

?Nancy is a passionate professional committed to the success of her coaching clients. I was concerned that having a coach might be like hiring a scolding MOM. Nancy is 360* the opposite.? Her presence in my life was like imagine it would be if I were the star quarterback in the final moments of the game on the home field with the cheerleaders calling my name.? She helped me see myself as a star in my own business game and kept me inspired to meet my own goals and time frames.?? When I ran into linebacker level emotions, she called time out and quickly facilitated my releasing my fear, sadness or anger so I could get back in the game.?? I would recommend Nancy to anyone who is stepping up to new levels of leadership and productivity in their life.?? Naomi Colb

?I run 11 different networking groups with some very high energy business professionals in them. Nancy gave a brief 5 minute presentation to one of those groups and knocked everyone?s socks off. She was prepared, motivational and inspirational. I would recommend Nancy to anyone looking to improve company moral or to set a new vision for the future.?
Rick Silva President? B2B Gathering, Inc.

?I thought I knew what I was looking for in a relationship.? Nancy helped me discover what my ideal relationship was looking for in ME.? Thanks for broadening my perspective in my search for true love!??? Mindy Hurt, Ellicott City, MD


?I am a successful, respected businessperson with a wealth of fulfilling personal relationships, but the coaching experience was life-changing for me. It taught me that I could change ?it?s just the way I am? habits, tendencies and self-limiting behaviors that I thought were going to be with me for life. To be free of those, and so quickly, is an incredibly liberating feeling and fills me with energy, anticipation and joy. I know I can recall and reuse the tools Nancy taught me to keep the energy going as time goes by. I?m excited about what the future holds and am confident that my fondest dreams can and will come true. None of this would be true without Nancy?s skill, commitment and encouragement. Oh, and it was really fun, too!? ? Barbara Lewis, Owner, Attention! Business Communications

?I?ll apply what I?ve learned by how I connect with people. I appreciate my unique design for everything.?? Francisco; age 19


?I look at my life with more direction and motivation?I?ll see others in my life with more patience and empathy.? ? Megan, age 19


“I engaged Nancy Montier as a coach because I am in the process of retiring from a very busy, demanding corporate position and wanted to get focused on what is important to me as I begin the next phase of my life. ?During my first meeting with Nancy we focused on What is my purpose. ?I did some pre-work prior to our meeting. ?Nancy did a fabulous job of facilitating a discussion and I got in touch with some things that are very important to me and I made some significant decisions based on this meeting. ?Our follow-up meeting brought into focus the calm and positive energy I have toward my upcoming retirement. ?I did not feel the need to continue, but if I get stuck after actual retirement I would not hesitate to re-engage Nancy to assist me again in focusing my attention on what is in my best interest moving forward. ?I have no reservation in recommending Nancy as a coach; I believe she has great skill in helping individuals identify what is important; she remains neutral and brings a centered, spiritual approach to her coaching.” ? Lee Sparling, Corporate Executive

?I worked with Nancy Montier to help me transition to a career where I could follow my passion. She is an outstanding coach for several reasons: she brings joy, a well-developed intuitive ability and a deep understanding of the issues people face when dealing with change. Working with Nancy encourages me to keep on reaching for my best self. I would highly recommend her coaching services to anyone seeking to make positive changes in their lives. ? JM